The Warreners’ Tales

Funded by the Heritage Lottery, Ember partnered with Breaking New Ground Landscape Partnership Scheme to educate audiences on the historical significance of Thetford Warren Lodge.

Breaking away with traditional presenter-lead videos, we created a story-driven short using custom-built sets in the studio, on-site footage and CGI effects to restore the landscape.

Nominated for Best Short Film by the Royal Television Society, ‘The Warrener’s Tale’ tells the story of the abandoned lodge in Brecks that was once at the centre of Norfolk’s bustling warrening industry.

  • Format: 4k HD
  • Output: Web
  • Type: Educational Drama
  • Deliverables: 1 x Short Film

‘Working with Ember to produce our film ‘The Warrener’s Tales’ was one of the highlights of the Breaking New Ground Landscape Partnership Scheme. We needed to produce a piece of digital interpretation based around a ruined ‘warren lodge’ building in Thetford, Norfolk as part of our scheme, which is supported by Heritage Lottery Fund. After speaking with Ember and seeing some of the hugely visually impressive work they had produced previously, we were excited to let their creativity loose. Having worked all over the world in some spectacular locations, it was clear that there was no let-up in their passion to create fantastic films in their own back yard. It was incredible to see bespoke sets be built with such a quick turnaround in their impressive studio.

The final product was simply superb. The audio and visual quality was so atmospheric, transporting viewers through the ages to the present day. The film has allowed a new audience to connect with their local heritage and see a forgotten ruin and long lost industry in a totally different way. The whole experience of working with Ember was a genuine pleasure and we very much look forward to working with them again in the future.’


Ed Goodall, The Breaking New Ground Landscape Partnership Scheme Project Officer