Trusted by top-tier automotive brands: BMW, Jaguar, TVC Lotus F1, Ember is fully-equipped to conceptualize and deliver your brand’s vision in high-octane, high-pressure environments. From wrangling large crews to capturing that award-winning shot (with no second chances) we understand life in the fast lane.

  • Format: 4k HD
  • Output: TV & Web
  • Type: Global Marketing Campaign
  • Deliverables: 2 x TVC, 2 x Brand Films

“Ember Films have been with us since day one and are considered an invaluable part of the team and our family. Whatever project has been thrown at them, Ember have always managed to create excellent pieces with talent and flair, from broadcast adverts, moving car shoots, B Roll footage and emotive concepts, to live satellite feeds shown all over the world! Often produced with little time. F1 is the crème de la crème of motorsport and our visual marketing must reflect and portray our high standard of work and high profile image. The hard work of Ember Films, their dedication and most of all passion and enthusiasm means that we always get results when we need it. They consistently go beyond all requirements and exceed all limitations with creativity and belief.”


Lotus Marketing Team