Startrite has over two centuries experience designing children’s footwear and educating parents on how to buy children’s shoes.

Our long-term partnership with this cherished British brand has yielded a diverse collection of content from TV adverts to short web films. Each piece reawakens the timeless joys of childhood while highlighting the enduring quality of Startrite footwear.

  • Format: 4k HD
  • Output: Web
  • Type: Online Marketing Campaign
  • Deliverables: 3 x Brand Films

‘We employed the services of ember films at Start-rite for several seasons.  They were extremely capable well organised and understood the brand and Brand positioning. In particular they helped us maximise our budget, by using the medium of film more fully, explained how our requests would appear in film, challenged us politely to get better results for the brand, and were very flexible and fun to work with! I would highly recommend them. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.’


Eve Davis, Brand Director