Ember was tasked to create content for multiple online promotional films for a variety of Purina products, including Dog Chow, Pro Plan Cat and the Optinutrition. Shot both on location and in specially designed and built sets in the Ember Studio. We work seamlessly with the owners, animal handlers and clients and have a great understanding of the animals limitations whilst still creating beautifully lit and well-composed shots. We have also been fully involved in capturing all the stills and moving image for their new Pets At Work social media campaign.

  • Format: 4k HD
  • Output: Web
  • Type: Online Marketing and Social Media Campaign
  • Deliverables: 5 x Brand Films & Social Media Stills

‘Working with the guys at Ember is a joy throughout, their attention to detail and craftsmanship is second to none.

They have assembled a team that share a desire to do great work, and who doesn’t want to work with people who want to do that?’


Jamie Rees, Art Director and Designer – McCann London