Our Thinking

We create unique workflows to meet our clients needs and tailor solutions that allow productions of all sizes to be delivered technically, narratively and financially. Our production process is organic as no project is ever the same. This means our clients can choose which service is relevant to them and their projects.

creative & strategy

Our approach

We work closely with our clients to establish a relationship that allows us to collaborate right from the get-go. It’s so important for us to offer guidance through the creative process to ensure the creative and technical ambitions are realised effectively.

Our extensive pre-visualisation abilities include both traditional storyboarding methods but also embrace emerging technology for virtual production like the Unreal Engine. We believe strongly that all productions need to be weighted towards planning and strategic execution to ensure that everyone involved goes into the project with complete confidence and piece of mind. It is this approach that allows us to stay on track and within budget. An example of this is our successful execution of our Netflix original series where we created 4 hours of drama without a single pick up frame.


Our eye for detail

We have to be ahead of the curve, no stone unturned and every detail thought through. We get excited about pre production, connecting the dots and making an idea start to feel like reality. There are many key components to this process and our experience in this area is extensive. We are now fully Covid 19 ready and currently planning productions that have 50+ crew and talent on set each day over multiple locations, which sounds impossible… but you know what, we love it.


Our talent

Ember is one of the most technically equipped companies in the UK but more importantly our team are industry leaders in their field. Our production experience is global, we have produced work in every continent and delivered results in the most harsh conditions, this is what gives us our unique grounding. When you have worked at the extremes you understand that anything is possible. We are creative problem solvers and love to receive briefs that challenge the norm. We think differently that’s why our clients return to work with us.


Our techniques

Our post-production service is deeply integrated into every step of the production pipeline. Our editors and artists are helping to set the tone during pre-visualisation and attend all shoots. We feel that it’s key for our team to understand not only the production element they are responsible for but every other process. This clear line of communication allows us to spot any unforeseen hurdles early on helping to avoid cost or scheduling issues. Technically we are advanced, we cut in any resolution up to 8K, master in SDR and HDR and deliver your final product to any output. We have a proven track record delivering to streaming platforms like Netflix, cinema, web, out of home and broadcast providers in every territory.