We cover everything related to production. What gives us the edge is how our services are underpinned by our unique technology.


Our Moco Robotic Arms are capable of moving at speeds of up to 5.4 meters per second with detailed accuracy, making them the perfect tool for precision filmmaking. Set up times and shot adjustments are rapidly faster with this new generation of robot allowing for more creative freedom and flexibility. Next level safety features provide peace of mind and confidence. Don’t become tied to the studio, our systems are designed to fit through a standard door enabling location robotics like never before.


We are experts in high speed. Our Phantom Flex 4k is capable of shooting 1000fps at 4K resolution. Ember’s trained technicians accompany the camera system to support your shoot, manage the camera and share our expertise to ensure you get the most out of this unique system. Our extensive lighting and grip department supports projects of all sizes.

Stabilised Rigs

Whatever the terrain and speed we have a solution to suit, our specialised crew includes Cinematographers, technicians and operators all working to the latest safety standards.


We are experts in aerial filmmaking. Ember have produced work for some of the worlds leading brands and broadcasters. Our in-house drone team has worked all over the world flying in every condition.

Virtual Production

Virtual Production allows a production to go ‘virtually’ anywhere without having to leave the comfort of our studio. With our Virtual Production Partners we can facilitate any needs or requirments you have and already come with lots of experience from this relatively new technology. With either our Virtual Production table top set or a full size Volume, not even the sky is the limit anymore.


The Ember Films studios is equipped with a white infinity cove.  It allows for a big lighting and camera set up. It also comes with a 2nd floor gallery overlooking the studio space as well as 2 green rooms, a kitchen and an integrated bathroom.